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Nonlinear Modeling: Something Fishy

In this lesson by Douglas Whitaker, students explore nonlinear regression models to explain fish weight by using fish length. They will use both transformation of the response variable and polynomial regression.

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Announcements: Spring 2021

A roundup of statistics and education-related information and opportunities

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Some New Old Assessment Ideas

When 2020 pitched its curveball at educators, one of the largest challenges we faced was finding equitable, meaningful assessments that could be delivered remotely. In other words, could we write exam questions we thought students would find authentic and still allow us to feel confident we were learning about students’ individual achievements?

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Developing the Theory of Hypothesis Testing: An Exploration

There are many concepts associated with hypothesis testing, but it all comes down to variation. How unusual is the variation we observe in a sample?

Students can often lose sight of this basic idea once they have learned the various procedures introduced in an introductory statistics course. Further, they may blindly follow the procedure and never question the impact of the sample size or magnitude of variation on the conclusion they draw.

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Skew The Script: A Website Offering Socially Relevant Math Lessons

Skew The Script lessons identify misleading data arguments and show students how the tools of statistics can be used to gain a deeper understanding of some of our country’s longstanding problems. Even more important, the lessons provide students from widely differing backgrounds with a common analytical lens (rigorous data analysis) for heightened discourse around social issues.

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Posters: April 1; Projects: June 1

Introduce your K–12 students to statistics through the annual poster and project competitions directed by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability.

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