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Posts tagged ‘9-12’

Announcements: Spring 2023

A roundup of statistics and education-related information, deadlines, and opportunities.

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A Sampling Activity to Anchor Big Statistical Ideas

The Sampling Bag Task showcases important statistical ideas, encourages conjecture and statistical argument, and illustrates the complexity and promise of seemingly simple tasks to generate productive discourse and expand understanding of statistical ideas.

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The Mean and Variability from the Mean

In this lesson from Christine Franklin, Gary Kader, Tim Jacobbe, and Kaycie Maddox, students investigate how to interpret the mean using fair share value and the balance point of a distribution.

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Lesson Plan: Which Hand Rules?

Published in August of 2017, this lesson has students engage in dropping and catching a yardstick to investigate whether there is significant evidence that people are faster with their dominant hand than their nondominant hand.

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