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2019 Data Visualization Poster Competition and Project Competition (New Rubric & Rules)

Introduce your K–12 students to statistics through the annual poster and project competitions directed by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability.

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A Technology Twist on a Classic Statistics Lesson

In the lesson, “Alphabet Statistics,” described by Marilyn Burns in her 1987 book, A Collection of Math Lessons (from grades 3 through 6), students explore letter-of-the-alphabet frequency of usage in print material. Over the years, Shelly Sheats Harkness used an adaptation of this lesson several times with middle-school students, high-school students, and preservice teachers. She shares it here with a technology twist.

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Lesson Plan: Who Has the Longest First Name?

This investigation is based on one found in the Appendix for Level A in Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE): A Pre-K–12 Curriculum Framework and is aimed at sixth graders.

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Re-Envisioning the Mathematics Teaching Practices as the Statistics Teaching Practices

Natasha Gerstenschlager re-envisions the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' mathematics teaching practices (MTPs) as statistics teaching practices (STPs) and highlights the differences and similarities between them.

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Announcements: Winter

A roundup of statistics and education-related information and opportunities.

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Lesson Plan: Can You Roll Your Tongue?

This investigation focuses on students examining an association between two categorical variables for grades 6 and 8.

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