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Helping Community College Math Instructors Teach Statistics Effectively

We are reaching a crisis at community colleges across the country. The number of STEM majors (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) has dramatically decreased, while the number of non-STEM majors continues to rise. At my college alone, only about 30% of our students are STEM majors.

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The field of statistics is growing fast. Jobs are plentiful, opportunities are exciting, and salaries are high. So what’s keeping more kids from entering the field? Many just don’t know about statistics. But the ASA is working to change that.

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K–12 Teachers Get Free Trial Memberships

This special offer is tailored to K–12 educators so they can enhance their students’ statistical education. Get information about upcoming events and services, subscriptions to Amstat News and Significance, online access to journals, and more!

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Editors’ Note: Winter

Welcome back to school! It’s so much fun to see photos and hear of back-to-school stories, which seem to take place from July through the end of September in the United States! I hope this edition of the Statistics Teacher Network finds you well, back in the groove of your classroom, and that it contributes to your statistical teaching this year.

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Lesson Plan: Confidence in Salaries in Petroleum Engineering

(Grades 9-12+) Originally published in October 2016, this lesson introduces students to bootstrapping methods for making inferences about a population parameter using a randomly selected sample from the population.

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Lesson Plan: The Gumball Machine

(Grades K-12+) Originally published April 2014, this lesson gives students the opportunity to explore and discuss the variation that occurs in sampling.

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