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Exploring the Sampling Distribution of the Sample Proportion with a Study of Fingerprint Types in the US

In this lesson, students will draw simple random samples; calculate sample proportions; construct histograms; and compare sampling distributions' shape, mean, and variability.

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Editor’s Note: Fall 2022

Statistics Teacher editors Jessica Cohen, Catherine Case, and Christine Franklin provide an overview of the articles in this issue.

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New Book, Statistics and Data Science for Teachers, Available for Free Download

The book presents statistical ideas through investigations and engagement with the statistical problem-solving process.

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The Mean and Variability from the Mean

In this lesson from Christine Franklin, Gary Kader, Tim Jacobbe, and Kaycie Maddox, students investigate how to interpret the mean using fair share value and the balance point of a distribution.

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Announcements: Winter

A roundup of statistics and education-related information and opportunities.

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