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Posts from the ‘Technology’ Category

K–12 Statistics Teacher Meet-Ups

ASA offers free K–12 teacher meet-ups (via Zoom) to share resources and discuss K–12 statistics topics. Topics have included the AP Statistics exam and statistics reading, assessment, applets, software resources, and lesson plans.

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Using RStudio Cloud in the Classroom

Lucy D'Agostino McGowan and Shannon Ellis recently presented a virtual workshop for introductory statistics instructors (high school or college) that focused on using RStudio Cloud in the classroom.

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STATS4STEM.ORG: A Statistical Learning Platform for Educators and Their Students

A team funded by the National Science Foundation is building STATS4STEM.ORG, a statistics-learning website with cutting-edge data, computing, and statistical learning resources. Project lead Eric Simoneau shows the current functionality of the site and shares the timeline for enhancements.

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7 Prime Technology Ideas to Begin the New School Year

As you plan how you will get your students working together and how you will assess their learning, we want to share some of our favorite technology ideas in this month's Technology column.

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Technology Insights

In this column, we will discuss and describe educational technology to support K–12+ pedagogy and practice.

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Sharing a Birthday: Technology-Supported Investigations in Middle School

Although it is clearly possible for two people to share a birthday, our experiences (and intuition) inform us that it is more likely that two people will have different birthdays. That is to say, the probability of a shared birthday between two people is close to zero. However, the chance of a shared birthday may increase if a larger group of people is considered.

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