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About Statistics Teacher

Statistics Teacher is an online journal published by the American Statistical Association – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability for Grades K-12.

A Brief History

The first issue of the Statistics Teacher Network newsletter (commonly referred to as simply STN) appeared in September 1982 with Ann Watkins as editor. Beth Bryan took over three years later with issue 10, followed by Jack Kinney in December 1988 with issue 19. Jerry Moreno became editor with issue 31 in fall 1992 and continued through issue 62 in winter 2003. Issues 63-71 were under the leadership of Beth Lazerick. The format of STN changed from hard copy to electronic with issue 72, along with having four editors: Derek Webb, chief editor, and associate editors Larry Peterson, Rebecca Pierce, and Angie Walmsley. Rebecca and Angie have also since served as editors. These issues are available in the articles archive.

STN is a free publication. Each issue provided reviews of books, software, and calculators. Articles described successful classroom statistical activities. STN kept K-12 teachers informed about statistical workshops and programs. Contributors came from all levels of statistical expertise. The editor handled collecting and reviewing all the information for each issue.

The Future

In 2016, the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee decided the Statistics Teacher Network newsletter should evolve to the Statistics Teacher online journal. The goal of Statistics Teacher remains to inform and support K-12 teachers. The new publication will continue to provide articles about successful classroom practice and announcements of important professional development opportunities. It will also more seamlessly integrate peer-reviewed lesson plans. Each issue will have dedicated technology and assessment columns.

Statistics Teacher will be guided by an editorial team consisting of the ASA K-12 Statistical Ambassador, who will serve as the managing editor, and two co-editors, who will share responsibility for developing the content. Statistics Teacher will be published in the fall, winter, and spring. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the editorial team with ideas for articles or with questions.

Editorial Team

ASA K-12 Statistical Ambassador

Christine Franklin

ST Article Editor

Angela L. E. Walmsley, Concordia University Wisconsin

ST Lesson Plan Editor

Hollylynne Lee, North Carolina State University

ST Article Associate Editors

Corey Andreasen, North High School, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Derek Webb, Bemidji State University
Doug Rush, Saint Louis University
Jessica Cohen, Western Washington University
Rebecca Pierce, Ball State University

ST Lesson Plan Associate Editors

Carol Joyce Blumberg, Winona State University (retired)
Stephanie Casey, Eastern Michigan University
Susan Friel, The University of North Carolina
Leigh Johnson, Capital University
Gemma Mojica, The University of North Carolina
Jennifer Nickell, North Carolina State University
Amy Wagler, The University of Texas at El Paso

Suggestions and Guidelines for Authors

Statistics Teacher is a peer-reviewed statistics education online journal intended to inform and support K–12 teachers.

Statistics Teacher Articles:

  • Are targeted to teachers and teacher educators
  • Display and discuss interesting statistical and statistical education concepts and ideas and showcase exemplary lesson plans
  • Have a relaxed expository style
  • Do not have abstracts
  • Have sidebars for definitions and brief technical explanations
  • Include articles with limited citations, but authors are encouraged to include a Further Reading section at the end of the article where additional references can be listed
  • Rarely have footnotes
  • Have creative and informative graphics, photographs, and tabular displays
  • May link to online videos (please include YouTube or Vimeo links in your Word document)
  • Are 6-15 double-spaced pages, including appendices and figures
  • Follow the ASA Style Guide